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Early Case Assessment

Save on cost! With the ability to dynamically filter and report on your data, promote only the relevant portion to Review.


The backbone of your whole case is right here! From forensic images and cell phone collections to email stores and network shares, our team of eDiscovery experts will ensure you’re getting the best possible result out of your unstructured data. We use industry leading technology and believe transparency in reporting is key to your success.


Need assistance to map out an advanced workflow? Just need an expert opinion? Our team of Solutions Architects stays up to speed on the constantly changing landscape that is legal technology. 

Web Hosting

Need access to your data quickly? Access your data from anywhere. Have confidence that it will be there when you need it, and our team of experts are on standby, waiting to assist you when questions come up.
Let Clarkson, PLLC be your dedicated legal services provider.